Toys For Cats

Many owners love their cats a lot and would love to provide every comfort they require. Cat owners especially who own a cat would be disappointed and frustrated when they find out that the new toys for cats they have bought for their kitty is not really keeping him entertained. As cats are indoor pets spending their complete day in the house in a single place, they require some proper and standard toys that can actually catch their attention. Cats are considered as very intelligent animals. They require stimulation toys which really catch their attention. Here are few toys for cats that can keep them busy and engaged.

1. Fishing/Wand Toys

Fishing and wand toys are the best toys for cats. These toys have the toy glued to a stick which also contains a string and the toy is made fluffy with few feathers. These toys for cats are considered as the best as they play on the cat’s instinct which is hunting out small birds and mammals. Cats are sure going to love this toy as they can chase and pounce on them which will is sure to keep your cat busy for a long time. There are many models available in these wand toys. You will have to choose the most attractive and light weight toy as it can provide more fun to your kitten.

2. Jingling Balls

The other toy that can be considered as the best toys for cat is the jingling balls. These jingling balls also create the natural stimulation for your kitten. This is another great toy to keep your kitten busy. As your kitten tries to bash the ball, the only will roll into another room, making the cat to go behind it. You can even join the fun with your cat to increase the fun.

3. Fabric Toys

Fabric toys are also considered one of the best toys for cats. Always remember the more attractive and the sound the toys make they are to catch the attention of your cat and make it busy. If you plan get the fabric toy, ensure that it has the catnip which also is a successful toy for your cats entertainment.

4. Spring toys

Like the fishing/wand toys are popular, spring toys also have a good response. They are best put to use when they are tied to the scratching post. As they have the springy action, whenever your cat tries to pull it, it goes back again to its original position. This is best suited for the cats which indoors most of the time. This also allows them to use the scratch post often.

5. Laser pointed toys

The laser pointed toys are the modern toys for your cats. Though there are mixed reactions to the usage, it depends on the particular animal how well it enjoys. Many owners have claimed that their kittens play on with the laser pointed toys for hours while many claim that their kittens do not find any interest in the same toys for cats.

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