Pet Supplies Cats

Pet supplies cats – With Halloween just around the corner, perhaps you are thinking of dressing the entire family up with a particular theme. Well, have you included your pets in that theme? You may be thinking, ‘But I have a cat! Cat’s don’t dress up!’ No one dresses up his or her cat. That is not true. These days it’s becoming more and more fashionable to fancy up your feline. Believe it or not, cats can be very much like dogs when it comes to things they will do or won’t do and like and don’t like. Dressing them up is very much like dogs as well, its something you have to get them used to and work them into. So here is the progression you might want to consider when you think of dressing your cat up.

Which Pet Supplies Cats to Start With

You want to start small. After all this is a whole new territory you are moving your cat into. So when you are looking through the pet supplies cats for dressing up your cat, start with something very simple. Perhaps there is something that can attach to your cat’s leash or harness that gives him a little piece of fabric that’s hooked on, is decorative, but isn’t too much. Quite often people think of things like a bandana or other small skirt items that will look cute on the cat but won’t be too overwhelming for his first outing. Initially he will probably have an issue with it, but he may calm down after a while. This is when you can move to the next level.

Moderate Pet Supplies Cats For Dressing Your Cat

Next, you want to try a costume piece. This could be a shirt type item where your cats front paws go in it or a back half item that will cover the back of his body. This will still take a little adjustment for your cat as he gets used to having this weird feeling around his fur. Be patient with him and see if he gets used to it. If so you can slowly work him up to a complete outfit.

Advanced Pet Supplies Cats for Dressing Up Your Cat

Now you have the finishing touches and you want to add on those final pieces of a costume that will really dress up your cat, but these are probably going to take the most patience of all. Most of these things will touch your cat’s head and this is where he is likely going to be extremely finicky. If you have a bonnet, hat or piece of jewelry that goes on your cat’s head try to put them on him and see how he reacts. Chances are he is going to fight this piece of clothing because it feels odd to him and is in a place that is even more uncomfortable than the rest of the costume you’ve put on. Be patient and reassure your cat as you put the item on him. Constant petting and treats for wearing it may convince him its ok.

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Diet Cat Food

Cats have been obligate carnivores for thousands of years. In order to thrive, they need to consume the bones, organs and meat of other animals. They have adapted to consuming these types of foods. Therefore, a natural diet cat food lifestyle to consider for your cat is a raw cat food diet.

Diet Cat food

To resemble the diet cat foods that a feline would eat in the wild, a diet that is rich in raw meats and complimented with fruits, grains, vegetables, enzymes, taurine and essential fatty acids is ideal. You may think that raw meats can bring the risk of bacterial infection. However, a feline is equipped with a highly acidic stomach environment. It can handle high levels of bacteria. In fact, cats in the wild rarely become ill because of foods that they eat. And, some of the foods that they consume are quite rancid. It is infections from injuries that feral felines more often fall victim to.

There are some precautions that you can take in order to minimize exposure to salmonella or E.coli when your cat consumes a diet cat food.

1. Buy natural fish from a reputable shop.

2. In order to help maintain good intestinal health for your cat, add probiotics to the food mixture you concoct for your pet.

3. When handling raw foods, practice good hygiene.

4. Dispose of uneaten foods within 30 minutes. Raw foods should not be left to sit out for too long.

5. It is always a good idea to research the proper diet for your animal – especially if you are formulating his/her meals at home. It can be quite time consuming to prepare a proper diet cat food for your pet. Always be certain that you are providing the proper nutritional balance to your pet.

6. Consider supplements formulated specifically for cats on a raw meat diet. This can ensure that your bases are covered and your cat is getting the nutrients it needs for good health.

Some of the preparations available in pet shops are dehydrated and need only to have water added to them. More and more better pet stores carry an assortment of raw cat foods that are nutritious and prepared for balanced diet cat food.

A pre-made preparation will save you time. It is important, however, to be certain you know the source of these foods. Become familiar with the manufacturing practices of the food makers. Read the labels to be sure the ingredients are pure and natural.

If you cannot find diet cat food preparations for your feline in the pet store, the internet is a good source for these prepared meals. Again, be aware of your source before purchasing any products.

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Toys For Cats

Many owners love their cats a lot and would love to provide every comfort they require. Cat owners especially who own a cat would be disappointed and frustrated when they find out that the new toys for cats they have bought for their kitty is not really keeping him entertained. As cats are indoor pets spending their complete day in the house in a single place, they require some proper and standard toys that can actually catch their attention. Cats are considered as very intelligent animals. They require stimulation toys which really catch their attention. Here are few toys for cats that can keep them busy and engaged.

1. Fishing/Wand Toys

Fishing and wand toys are the best toys for cats. These toys have the toy glued to a stick which also contains a string and the toy is made fluffy with few feathers. These toys for cats are considered as the best as they play on the cat’s instinct which is hunting out small birds and mammals. Cats are sure going to love this toy as they can chase and pounce on them which will is sure to keep your cat busy for a long time. There are many models available in these wand toys. You will have to choose the most attractive and light weight toy as it can provide more fun to your kitten.

2. Jingling Balls

The other toy that can be considered as the best toys for cat is the jingling balls. These jingling balls also create the natural stimulation for your kitten. This is another great toy to keep your kitten busy. As your kitten tries to bash the ball, the only will roll into another room, making the cat to go behind it. You can even join the fun with your cat to increase the fun.

3. Fabric Toys

Fabric toys are also considered one of the best toys for cats. Always remember the more attractive and the sound the toys make they are to catch the attention of your cat and make it busy. If you plan get the fabric toy, ensure that it has the catnip which also is a successful toy for your cats entertainment.

4. Spring toys

Like the fishing/wand toys are popular, spring toys also have a good response. They are best put to use when they are tied to the scratching post. As they have the springy action, whenever your cat tries to pull it, it goes back again to its original position. This is best suited for the cats which indoors most of the time. This also allows them to use the scratch post often.

5. Laser pointed toys

The laser pointed toys are the modern toys for your cats. Though there are mixed reactions to the usage, it depends on the particular animal how well it enjoys. Many owners have claimed that their kittens play on with the laser pointed toys for hours while many claim that their kittens do not find any interest in the same toys for cats.

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